About us

In today’s day and age, taking out me time to really look after yourself is as important as balancing work and home. Those times are gone when a woman’s life comprised of the family only. As more and more women become go-getters and jet-setters, their life isn’t becoming easy. It’s only getting busier and complicated. In such times, All She Things is one source they can look at to find out about everything ranging from beauty to fashion to home and lifestyle.

About All She Things

How does “All She Things” come into the picture?

All She Things is all about what matters to the woman of today. She has so much on her place and AST is an attempt to help her when she gets stuck somewhere. All She Things is where we’ve put it all together for her. There are tips, tricks, and inspirations ranging from fashion, makeup, skincare, health, relationships, travel and home! As we cover these wide ranges of topics, our only hope is to take some of the pressure off you. Give you what you are looking for in a single click.

Hope you enjoy reading!

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A little about the owner?

Hi! I am Prerna. It is after moving to the USA that I started blogging. I blogged at High on Chai (a personal blog that I created just for fun) and continued to do for almost a year and a half. Where High on Chai was more of a hobby, I wanted to truly take the leap and turn to a full-time blogger and that is what I hope to achieve with All She Things. I hope you become a part of the AST family, enjoy the content of this website and never have to return from the site without finding the solutions that you are looking for.