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January 2018


What ‘Grace and Frankie’ can teach you about life

grace and frankie

It’s been about two weeks since the fourth season of Netflix original series “Grace and Frankie?” premiered. Have you seen the show? Amazing, isn’t it? I am already on my second rerun of the entire show – that’s how much I loved it. I don’t know how anything can be so heartbreaking yet funny, so endearing yet painful, so poignant yet so entertaining. To give a little perspective, the show is about two women in their 70s who find out…

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18 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the man you love

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and everything outside is slowly turning pink. You don’t think so? Step into any Macy’s or even a Target and you’ll know what I am talking about. Though I think every day should be a day of love, there is no harm in celebrating Valentine’s Day. Just a chance to do something special for the man you love, feel special, get dressed and drown yourself in love too! Now, a special occasion calls…

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How you need to care for your skin on the plane – 7 ways

care for your skin on the plane

Everyone deserves a vacation and everyone loves to go on one. But, some of us despise the actual part. Especially if it an international travel that requires long hours of airplane travel. The air inside the airplane is dry, recycled and has adverse effects on your skin. No matter how much care you put on your skin before your vacation, the few hours of travel can Have you ever wondered how you get off a plane with your skin looking…

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11 healthy habits you need to adopt for a wholesome life

adopting healthy habits

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a choice. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up on things you love or enjoy. It just means doing everything in moderation and maintaining a balance. Trying to stay fit shouldn’t involve undoable sacrifices. Instead, just adapting some healthy habits can go a long way in helping you lead good, wholesome life. A life that is free of common ailments like body aches, lack of endurance, and even stress! There is a notion amongst many…

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Style Guide

How to style yourself to look taller – 5 easy tricks

style yourself to look taller

It’s true that ‘good things come in small packages.’ But, there are times when you wish you were taller than what you are. I understand! I wish I was a little taller too. Especially when I go out shopping and find the perfect pair of denim pants and realize I’d have to get them altered – at least 3 inches need to go. There is nothing wrong with being short but there is no harm in trying to style yourself to…

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Why A Better Florist is A Better Choice

Better florist

It’s no longer difficult to find the best florist in Singapore that’s going to have the entire package. A Better Florist is a great change in the floristry scene because they stepped it up and have everything that you as a shopper appreciate and love. On their website, you can find gorgeous collections of flowers that you can choose from. There’s really something for everyone, different styles and different combinations of flowers, from small hand bouquets to funeral flowers Singapore…

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Home Improvements

9 easy ways you can update your kitchen cabinets

Update your kitchen cabinets

I truly believe that a kitchen is the heart of a home. If you have a functional kitchen, half your work gets sorted. Whether you cook regularly or not at all, kitchen needs to be the place that reflects warmth and comfort. Now, keeping your kitchen as prim and proper as the rest of your home can be difficult. While you can change the look of your rooms simply by hanging a picture, rearranging the furniture or adding a few…

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