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December 2017

Skin and Hair

7 skincare mistakes you need to avoid in winters

Winter skincare mistakes

The one thing that changes, as the weather turns cold, is your wardrobe. All the summer dresses and strappy sandals get replaced by knitted sweaters and long boots. However, one thing that needs to change and many of us don’t realize is that there needs to be a change in our skincare regime too. Winters are cold and the dry weather can tough on your skin. Harsh winds and indoor heating can increase skin sensitivity and make the skin feel…

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Skin and Hair

6 short haircuts that you need to try this year

Short haircuts

Being stylish doesn’t mean buying or wearing expensive clothes and accessories. It means being comfortable in your own skin and being confident in what you wear. However, style is not just restricted to your outfits or your makeup. No matter what you wear, unless your hairstyle suits your attire, your style won’t matter. As more and more women adapt to the ‘short hair, don’t care’ attitude, we thought, we’d look at some short haircuts that are always in vogue, to…

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12 really wonderful Christmas gifts that kids will love

Christmas gifts for kids

Holidays are the time when kids of all ages and sizes are the most exciting. Christmas by far is possibly their favorite time, apart from their birthdays, of course! And, why not. They grow up hearing stories about Santa and his sleigh, his reindeers and his little helpers from the North Pole, etc. Come Christmas Eve and they can’t wait for Santa to slide down the chimney just to leave a nice gift for them! And, as mothers, it is our…

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Skin and Hair

Finding the best anti-aging solution with NeoStrata

solution to anti aging

They say as soon as you start inching towards the 30s, there are two things you should do – plan your retirement and pay close attention to the signs of aging. Yes, by the time we come into our late 20s, the one thing that begins to worry us is aging. Standing in front of a mirror we try hard to find signs like fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet, dullness, etc., hoping we won’t find them. And, when we do,…

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9 acrylic nails designs that will definitely blow your mind

Acrylic nails have been in fashion for a long time now. Of course, one reason is the acrylic nails designs – there are plenty and new ones keep coming up every now and then. Another more important reason, is that they don’t chip, make your hands neat and beautiful and are easy to get done. Added and built over original nails as covers, acrylic nails are then shaped and designed in different ways. There is no dearth of nails salons…

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10 wonderful Christmas party appetizers that are easy to make

Christmas party appetizers

Christmas is around the corner which means it’s time for a lot of parties! It is so much fun to catch up with friends and have a great time. However, organizing a party though is not an easy task. You have to decide on the decor and plan the menu. Planning the food can be a dreadful task. What would you serve, would you make it at home or depend on catering, all these questions can be daunting. Personally, I…

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