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November 2017

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9 staple pieces for winters that will make you look stylish

Staple pieces for winters

Winters are slowly descending upon us. November is soon coming to an end and the temperatures will drop soon with a nip in the air. Our favorite summery tops and off-shoulder dresses have already been put away only to come out next year. And, we prepare for a weather which means layers and layers of clothes. But layers definitely don’t mean you can’t be stylish. In fact, with layers, you can be more versatile and experiment a little more. There…

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7 classic movies you need to watch this holiday season + Giveaway

Classic movies for the holiday season

The holiday season is upon us. Plus, the weather has become slightly chilly which makes it the perfect time to grab a cup of hot chocolate, light the fire in the fireplace, snuggle in a warm blanket and catch up on classic movies on the TV. Yes, it’s also the time to plan the Thanksgiving dinners, put up all the Christmas decoration, plan your Xmas vacations. But, on some days, everyone is entitled to take it easy. While the season demands…

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9 easy steps to get the perfect salad

Get the perfect salad

I love eating salads. No matter what the weather outside is, salads are my #comfortfood. Most the times when we eat out, I order one hoping to get the perfect salad served to me – crunchy, fresh and tasty. More often than not, I haven’t been disappointed but sometimes I have. Salads are light, and the fresh ingredients make me feel full without a worry about the calorie intake! I believe salads are really the easiest meal to prepare. All you need…

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Things to make the transition to a housewife easy

Transition to a housewife

Having a full-time career and taking care of the house is a tough job. But, being a housewife is tough too. Even if no one understands or they think all you do is chill at home! The transition to a housewife from being a career woman is a difficult one. Whether you took the plunge to raise your kids, nurse your health, take care of the elderly family members or just because you didn’t enjoy work. Staying at home can…

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Skin and Hair

6 homemade face-masks to make your skin feel better

Homemade face-masks

October is over which means #winteriscoming soon. I love winter for most parts – the beautiful colors, cherry blossoms, oversized sweatshirts, warm & comfy pajamas and boots! Also, it’s in winters that one actually starts to love the sun and its warmth, isn’t it? Till sometime back, I used to dread the winter season for what it did to my skin. My face used to feel dry and red and I had to keep applying face lotion through the day. But, not…

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