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September 2017

Style Guide

Fall 2017 trends – 7 pretty shoes that you need to own

Shoes that you need to own

How true is the statement “Chocolate is good but shoes are carb free,” that I read somewhere! I don’t think there are many women who don’t like buying and wearing nice shoes. You can never own enough shoes and like as most designers say shoes can make or break an outfit. Even if you are wearing a simple jeans and tee, the right shoes can really lift the outfit. However, mismatched shoes can totally ruin your look, no matter how good…

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Skin and Hair

How to use olive oil for better skin and hair?

uses of olive oil in skincare

Over the past decade, a lot of people have woken up to the benefits of including olive oil in their diet for a healthier lifestyle. I, myself, use olive oil in salads and cold pasta. How healthy it is as against ‘ghee’ for cooking food has been up for debate and is a different story. But, there are a lot of ways that one can benefit from olive oil outside of the kitchen too. If you are looking for ways…

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Everything you need to know about essential oils

All about essential oils

Essential oils have been around, in use for more than a thousand years. From beauty to health, from religious to spiritual, etc., use these oils for many purposes. Over the last few years, the world has again woken up to the benefits of essential oils. There are many companies that sell the oils. You can even find them in cosmetics and personal care products. This post is to help you with everything you need to know about essential oils. To…

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Long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks – Too good to be true?

Long-lasting matte liquid lipsticks

Matte lipsticks came into fashion a few years ago but the trend seems to be going strong. Of course, there are many advantages of matte lipsticks over their glossy counterparts. And, it’s a matter of convenience too. With matte lipsticks, you can control the amount of product you apply and easily mix two shades. You can even create different looks using matte lipsticks like ombre lips. There is no doubting that matte lipsticks are easier to carry than the glossy or…

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Home Improvements

How to make your home smell great all the time?

Did you know with changing seasons (like summer to monsoon), the smells around us change too? This change can sometimes lead to stuffy, stinky odor indoors. Rooms or areas that stay closed may start smelling funny or unpleasant. Great smelling surroundings like home and office can help you relax, de-stress and calm your sense. There are many easy ways by which you can make your home smell great all the time. Smell plays an important role in affecting our mood.…

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Know about popular coffee drinks and how they are made

Popular coffee drinks

Almost everyone consumes and loves coffee. Things may be different for you if you are a hardcore tea drinker. If you are from India or Great Britain, you know what I mean. Unfortunately, tea ‘with milk’ is not easily available everywhere as against the number of coffee drinks available, you are always spoilt for choice. There are some popular coffee drinks that are common and available at almost all cafes. I love tea but sometimes coffee is what lifts me…

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